Christian Science Centre

Changes to services and reading room opening times in May/June

The Reading Room will be closed on Thursday May 30th and Tuesdays June 4th and June 11th.

The Sunday service on June 9th is cancelled.

This month's featured article 


"People lost trust when they feel that there's been a lack of transparency, that they've been misled, and that they are being marginalised and their interests not being considered.

This month's featured article is an editorial from the Christian Science Sentinel.  Lisa Rennie Sytsma relates the Bible passage from Matthew 17 where Jesus is talking about the payment of taxes.  She discusses Jesus' response in telling Peter to go and catch a fish, in whose mouth he would find enough money to pay both their tax bills. Jesus acted out of love, without railing against the government or complaining, and demonstrated that Divine love provides for all the children of God. She shows us that by following Jesus' commandments, we can rise above feelings of distrust of those in power.

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About us...

We are a small oasis of peace in the city of Haarlem where you can come to read and study the Bible and Christian Science texts, sit quietly to pray, drink coffee or discuss aspects of Christian healing.  We also hold weekly Christian Science church services each Sunday morning and on the 4th Wednesday of each month in the evening. 

What is Christian Science?


Christian Science is a way to use the teachings of Christ Jesus and Bible texts to heal and transform people's lives through prayer

How was Christian Science discovered?


Christian Science was discovered by Mary Baker Eddy, more than 100 years ago.  She developed the laws of Christian Science after being healed of critical injuries.  Through her study of the Bible, she rediscovered the same healing techniques used by Jesus.

Does Christian Science work?


There are many tens of thousands of documented and verified healings published.  Everything from broken bones to cancer, panic attacks to mental illness; but also finding work, improving personal finances and improving self-esteem.

“ God is light, and in him is no darkness at all. ”

I John 1:5